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On Buying Christmas Presents – John D. Sheridan

In December 2011, the Irish Independent published an article looking back at their own coverage of Christmas over the years, entitled “Rolling back the Christmases”. In it, they quoted John D. Sheridan.

Sheridan was a popular columnist in the Irish Independent, on Saturdays, during the 1960’s. Describing Christmases in the 1960’s, the article told us that “Ireland was going through a boom, but old traditions had survived”.

In quoting a column from Sheridan, where he explained how he could not handle the present buying, he tells us:

“Now when the number of shopping days can be counted on one hand, I find myself in a state of benign mental paralysis.”

I think I’ve been in that state myself over the years, but recently, I think I’ve managed to become a whole lot more organised. In fact, this year, I’m taking 3 days off work BEFORE Christmas to specifically avoid such a state. Hopefully.

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