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John McGahern on John D. Sheridan

This interview with John McGahern references John D Sheridan.

There was a very popular writer in Ireland at the time called John D. Sheridan, who wrote for the Irish Independent, which was the most popular newspaper.

My father was always suspicious of my writing and he was always saying – because John D. Sheridan was a humorist – you should write like John D. Sheridan.

My father didn’t read or didn’t approve of writing, but he liked giving advice, and John D. Sheridan was his god. What he didn’t know was that Sheridan was a serious man who had written textbooks on Shakespeare.

And it must have been a disastrous day for my father when he opened his favourite newspaper. Across the top of the book page he saw “Classical tragedy comes to The Barracks.” John D. Sheridan was the reviewer.

John D. Sheridan was never referred to again in the house.

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  • Hello Diarmuid, I am hoping you may be able to assist me in sourcing an essay by John D.Sheridan. It was in my English reader for Inter.Cert. 1964. The subject was the beauty of seals on rocks, his return the next day to find them killed, presumably by fishermen for taking salmon. I remember being upset reading this and for many years have promised myself to look up the essay and read it again. If you are unable to help directly, perhaps you would be kind enough to give me some guidance? I suspect it may have been in The Independent, late 50s, but that demands a subscription, which I would pay, but this is just a guess ….. Best Wishes, Davina

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